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Arrow Recover Testimonials

Dear Recover,
Thank you, for this amazing new tool!  I have three boys who shoot archery and this little gem has saved me tremendously!  Not only has it saved me money but the boys are not afraid of shooting anymore.  They used to shudder every time they missed a shot because of the expense of losing another arrow.  Now they not only shoot with confidence but enjoy the fun in finding their arrows and all the other treasures it uncovers.  We take it fishing and camping and find all sorts of tackle, money and cool things as the boys put it.   You've really made a product worth it's weight in gold!

Happy Hunters,
The Beyers
Bottineau, ND

Dear Joce: 

I just wanted to let you know in writing, even though we talked on the phone, how pleased I am with your Recover Arrow Detection System. Since purchasing this system a week ago, I have recovered enough arrows to cover the cost of the purchase of the system. My son, Rob, began shooting in local archery tournaments at the age of 8, he is now 11 and holds 2 state records in Florida. He also competes in several ASA tournaments in the South, one of which is the ASA World Championship where he has placed as high as second in the Eagle Division. He usually practices on his own and has, on occasion, missed his mark. Using your Recover System I always find his expensive target arrows - I have even found arrows that he had lost 2 years prior to this date! The fletching was completely gone, but the arrows after being cleaned, were refletched and put back in use. Our Recover System will accompany us on all future archery tournaments from Florida club shoots to the ASA World Championship in Atlanta,GA.

Thank you for discovering such a neat way to recover arrows.

Mickey Larkins
Rt. 3 Box 66L
Bristol, FL 32321

Dear Joce, I think your Recover product is fantastic! 
I like to do a lot of stump shooting with my longbow and between oak leaves and grassy meadows - I lose a lot of carbon and cedar arrows. I have found no less than a dozen lost arrows ever since being introduced to your product at the AMO trade show in 2004. My recover unit now travels with me whenever I go to 3D shoots, stump shooting, or even to find arrows shot through game. I highly recommend this unit to anyone that shoots an arrow.

Pat Lefemine

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